Broken River Vineyards was founded in 1984 when the O’Keefe family purchased a 10-hectare vineyard in the Goulburn Valley region of South East of Australia, which has a rich viticulture history dating back to the 1860’s. The region’s soils are claimed to be ‘almost perfect’ for viticulture, and the warm climate and good source or irrigation water result in high yields with plenty of flavour.

Our original vineyard was already well established with Shiraz, Mourvedre and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, and we continue to use these 45 year old vines for some of our premium wines.

We have since expanded our vineyards, planting a further 10 hectares of wine grapes on the banks of Broken River in Shepparton, Central Victoria.


The Broken River Vineyards series is carefully crafted from individual parcels of grapes, specially selected in consultation with our winemaker, and aged for up to 18 months in French or American oak barrels.

These wines honor our passion for winemaking and our belief that great wine begins in the vineyard.

Two Old Men is a collaboration between Broken River Vineyards and our associated growers. This series of award-winning wines is the result of 60 years combined experience in premium wine production.

So whether you are celebrating a special occasion, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, enjoy the moment with Two Old Men.

The Swagman is an Australian folk icon, most famously represented in Banjo Patterson’s bush poem “Waltzing Matilda”. Seen as a symbol for Australia’s egalitarian ideals, they were transient labourers who travelled by foot, carrying their belongings in a bedroll known as a swag. The ‘Time for a Break’ series pays tribute to these iconic Aussies.

The Tree of Life is a symbol of immortality, community, life and death, and this series represents what we believe is most important in life: Family, friends, connection and longevity. We hope these wines encourage you to make time to sit, relax, enjoy a glass and reflect on the symbol that is the Tree of Life.

Australia’s history was heavily influenced by the discovery of gold. In Central Victoria, home to our winery, rich deposits of alluvial gold were found, and immigrants came from around the world in search of rivers of gold. If we look hard enough, maybe we’ll find our rivers of gold. Or, then again…we could just keep making great wine.



At Broken River Vineyards, it is our belief that great wines begin in the vineyard, and we strive to produce wines with the varietal characters distinctive of the Goulburn Valley region.

We use a combination of modern and traditional vineyard practices in order to ensure the quality of our grapes exceeds our high standards. Our old vineyard is still handpicked and pruned, and carefully treated with traditional methods, allowing us the attention to detail that is required for premium fruit selection.

Modern methods and technologies are used in our younger vineyard, which is partially machine-pruned, and picked using self-propelled harvesters, operating at up to 15 tonne per hour and allowing us to produce higher quantities.





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