Vineyards and cellar door


We use a combination of modern and traditional practices in our vineyards to ensure the grape quality is maintained at a very high level to achieve the premium quality we require for our wines as we strive to achieve wines of distinctive varietal character of the region. This is in accordance with our belief and commitment that great wines begin in the vineyard.


Our old vineyard is still hand pruned, hand picked, and treated very much in the old traditional way, whereas our new vineyard is partly machine pruned, mechanically harvested and much use is made of modern methods and technology.


The new vineyard was planted with automatic drip irrigation and the old vineyard has now been converted to minimal drip irrigation which gives us greater control to help us achieve the grape quality we are striving for.



Cellar Door

The cellar door with its rustic bull nose veranda exterior and comfy wood-panelled interior nestles under tall pine trees at the Kialla vineyard site. It’s very country with fresh air, blue skies and the sound of the breeze through the pine trees. The perfect setting to taste our full range of award winning wines. Cellar door is open strictly by appointment only. Please call or email us in advance to book. A map showing where we are located can be found on our contact page.